I went out for quote twice for a roof replacement, which involved an insurance settlement from hail damage that occurred last year. Probably 6 to 8 estimates total. I was not aware of the Texas insurance law the first time, although many of the estimates were higher than the settlement anyway, so that’s why there were two rounds. I included Home Advisor in the second round of estimate requests, and only three companies (total) actually went through the effort to come out and do an on site inspection, most of which included drones.

I chose Legacy 3D Roofing after Richard came by to check out the issues that I told him about by phone, because he offered suggestions on ways to improve the air flow (removing the turtle vents, and installing ridge vents), and how to avoid the water damage problem areas. The main problem area was due to the upper roof dumping water on the lower roof, which then caused wood rot on the sides of the inlet of the lower roof. Water seal and flashing was added to seal the lower roof, and an extra gutter was added to stop the water from dumping into the inlet. Legacy was the only company that made these suggestions, and was also the only one that came onsite, and seemed more interested in resolving the roofing problem than seeing how much more they could get from the insurance company.

There was only one problem area in the insurance estimate, but Legacy found 4 while they were doing the install. Richard sent photos of the install progress, including before and after shots of the wood replacement in the problem areas, and drone shots of the overall job, which were very helpful in knowing that the repairs were being done right. The roof replacement was done in one day, and the clean up was thorough, which included Richard retrieving some debris that went into the neighbors yard. The new roof is architectural shingles (which is an upgrade from the 3 tab that was on the original roof), and looks excellent! There are ridge vents on three caps, the rubber pipe boots were replaced with metal ones, and the pipes were painted to match the roof color.

Overall, an excellent job by Legacy 3D Roofing!! I Highly Recommend them!! Thanks!!