The commercial and specialty roofing industry is a rapidly growing industry and there are many different roof systems and options available. Our team of professionals are trained in all types of roof systems and our services include routine maintenance, complete re-roofs, layovers and of course new construction.

TPO and Tapered Insulation Systems

Flat Roofs have been a popular commercial roof design for years and are even trending in the residential markets. Tapered insulation systems are custom designed to provide the slope that is necessary to provide proper drainage and extend the life of the roofing system. TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is often the final application on these tapered systems and are popular in the North Texas market because they hold up well to long-term UV sun rays and are highly resistant to puncturing, tearing and water damage.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is another popular built-up roof system for low sloped roofs, providing excellent waterproofing features and resistance to extreme weather conditions. It is a type of asphalt roof that incorporates layers of fiberglass and/or polyester reinforcement layers for strength. Modified bitumen can be installed in a variety of ways including utilizing a hot torch as well as the peel and stick method.

Metal Roof Systems

Metal roofs are a popular choice in both the commercial setting because of the minimal maintenance required, long life spans, fire resistant ratings and energy efficiency which all equates to cost savings. In the summer months the heat reflective capabilities allows for reduced air conditioning needs, while providing great insulation in the winter. Additionally, metal roof systems provide added hail and wind resistance capabilities that provide peace of mind during severe weather conditions and often lend to significant insurance discounts. Metal roofs vary in styles and shapes based on specific roof design, need and preference. Some types include: traditional metal panel sheets, standing seam designs, stone-coated steel tiles, and metal tile sheets.

Slate, Composite and Tile

If curb appeal is what your business needs, talk to our sales team about natural slate, composite slate/shake, or concrete and clay tiles . Our installation teams are certified in all types of roof systems but their expertise and experience installing these type of systems is unmatched in the industry. These specialty systems also provide long lasting protection, extensive hail, wind and fire resistant capabilities that will save your organization money in insurance premiums.

Coatings and Layovers

Roof coatings and layover systems have gained popularity recently because they are incredibly economical and have proven to provide lasting protection when full roof replacement isn’t an option or preferred. These range from spray or rolled on coatings to fully encapsulated custom designed layover systems.